Alabama animal abuse bill draws criticism from animal rights groups

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An animal abuse bill moving through the Alabama House is drawing criticism from animal rights groups.

The bill would give the Department of Agriculture and Industries jurisdiction over the regulation of working animals and animal enterprises.

Animal rights groups are saying the bill is unnecessary.

As written, the bill would bring criminal charges against false complaints of animal cruelty. Animal rights activists say the bill would strip them of power and funding.

“I’d like to think that there was the best of intentions when writing it,” said Steven Tears with the Montgomery Humane Society. “I’m just not sure what they are, I’m not even sure what it was meant to accomplish.”

“I’m obviously curious about what’s in this bill, I believe it moves a lot of jurisdiction to the department of agriculture,” Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh added.

Marsh said the bill will be put on hold in the Senate, until the language and intent can be worked out.

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