ADPH recommends hepatitis A vaccine for all food workers


Blood sample for hepatitis A virus test (Photo: Getty Images)

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As the hepatitis A virus continues to spread throughout the state, health officials are urging more people to get vaccinated.

The state is now urging service owners and managers to consider requiring the hepatitis A vaccine for all food workers.

The Alabama Department of Public Health says food workers are not at a higher risk of getting infected than other workers, but some fall into high-risk groups and would put customers at risk if they became infected.

In July, there were 30 cases of hepatitis a reported which is the highest number seen since the outbreak started almost a year ago.

Hepatitis A virus is commonly spread because of poor hand hygiene. Thorough handwashing after going to the bathroom and vaccination are the best ways to prevent the spread of hepatitis A.

Since September 2018, Alabama has been investigating and trying to stop statewide hepatitis A outbreak which continues to spread. As of August 14, there were 132 confirmed outbreak-related cases in at least 25 Alabama counties.

There have been multiple confirmed cases in food workers, a fact the state says should concern every restaurant owner and manager.

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