ADPH leader reacts to Gov. Ivey’s safer-at-home order extension


GUNTERSVILLE, Ala.- The Alabama Department of Public Health’s Judy Smith is praising Governor Kay Ivey and Dr. Scott Harris’s decision to extend the safer-at-home order.

She told News 19 on Thursday that managing the coronavirus pandemic is a balancing act between keeping people healthy and maintaining the economy, so she says this extension is “absolutely” the right thing to do.

“Look at the death rate and the hospital rates. Look at what’s going on. We have not done as citizens the job we needed to do as far as wearing masks and staying apart and that’s why we kind of are where we are with these things. It works if you use it. it doesn’t work if you don’t use it,” explained Smith.

She said there are still questions about the long term effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as it’s effectiveness on any variations.

Smith added that that is why continuing to wear masks, wash hands and social distance are still important in protecting our communities.

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