MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Independence Day celebrations for families and friends are already in full swing across the Tennessee Valley, but it’s also a time that many injuries, or even deaths, can happen to children if not careful.

But according to pediatrician Dr. Wes Stubblefield with the Alabama Department of Public Health, simple precautionary measures before and during all the fun can save lives.

“We think about ATV safety, wearing a helmet, not letting underage kids get on ATVs because we see a lot of ATV accidents,” Stubblefield told News 19. “And [the same for] any sort of motorized vehicle that children shouldn’t be driving.”

Stubblefield also points out that responsible celebration of the 4th of July weekend also begins with little things such as sunblock use and hydration during the heat.

Since summers in Alabama call for river and lake fun, watching over the kids is a must.

“Make sure your children are supervised at all times,” he said. “All children should be under direct supervision while they’re in the water.”

Unfortunately, drownings are prevalent in Alabama this summer, and Stubblefield would like to see this 4th of July break the trend.

“It can happen so fast. I’ve been a part of both fatal drownings and non-fatal drownings,” he said. “It’s so important to have somebody that’s dedicated to watching the children, that has all their wits about them and can respond to emergencies, and somebody that can do first aid if needed.”