‘Administrative mix-up’ delays Tennessee man’s ‘peace of mind’ after dog attack


TENNESSEE (WKRN) – The victim of a brutal dog attack in Hickman County is still waiting for a solution and for peace of mind.

Authorities said three of 28-year-old Macey Steele’s dogs attacked Kenny Ingram on Bon Aqua Road around 12:30 p.m. on April 4, 2021.

Ingram, his girlfriend Ashley Hale, and their young daughter were heading to Easter Sunday dinner. They never made it.

In an interview with WKRN, they said they saw two toddlers playing in the middle of the road, with no parents in sight. They decided to step in and help get the children to safety.

That’s when Steele’s three dogs attacked Ingram, leaving a gaping hole in his face.

“I thought they had bit my nose off because it had a piece of my face in his mouth”, recalled Ingram. “I didn’t see it until I got in the ambulance, and the lady took a picture of me and turned the camera around and said ‘calm down this is what you look like we need to help you’”.

Ingram was rushed to the hospital for treatment and received 43 stitches in his face.

In the initial report, Steele told deputies she had no one at home to watch her children. Steele also told deputies one of her children had learned how to open the front door of her residence, and said the dogs had escaped the house because the door was open.

Deputies then asked Steele which dog had bitten Ingram, and were advised it was her black and white female pit bull. Steele advised the reason the dog bit Ingram was because she doesn’t like men. Steele told deputies all of her dogs are up to date on shots.

On April 8, a petition for the destruction of the dogs was filed in court. Steele was served with the notice on April 21. She failed to appear in court on April 26.

On May 12, a judge filed a destruction order in court. The order stated it is necessary for the dangerous dogs to be destroyed as provided in Tenn. Code Ann. Section 44-17-120.

WKRN contacted the Hickman County Sheriff’s Office and the Circuit County Clerk, discovering an “administrative mix-up”. Lt. Michael Doddo told media that “normal protocol was not followed with the paperwork” for Steele. She was never served with the order filed in May.

According to the Hickman County Sheriff’s Office, Steele was arrested on June 17 for dogs at large, Lt. Doddo reported that she turned herself into authorities and was released on her own recognizance.

In an update, authorities told say Steele was officially served with that order on July 1. The Circuit County Clerk stated Steele was served with an indictment and her arraignment date is set for July 27 for the charge of dogs at large.

In the meantime, Ingram said he only wants one thing. “Right now, I want the dogs gone, that’s it. Just get them out of here so we can have peace of mind. That’s it. It’s been three months…going on four.”

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