ACLU Alabama attorney speaks on loss of Justice Ginsburg

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – American Civil Liberty Union chapters all over the nation are feeling the loss of Justice Ginsburg.

Ginsburg founded the Women’s Rights Project within the ACLU. That project is dedicated to changing and pushing for reforms against institutions which perpetuate discrimination against women.

ACLU Alabama attorney Kaitlin Welborn said she wanted to be an attorney because of RBG.

She explained others in her building feel the same. The devastation has his everyone in their building. She fears Ginsburg’s replacement may not be a champion for women’s rights like Ginsburg was, so they’re gearing up to protect their clients.

“I know that’s what she would want us to do. We are going to fight even harder, we’re going to have to work longer hours, we’re going to have to be more creatively and we are frankly just going to have to be better lawyers.”

ACLU attorney Kaitlin Welborn practices reproductive rights, and says the selection of Ginsburg’s replacement could change the course of reproductive rights for the state going forward, since abortion laws in the state were challenged just last year.

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