Abortion ban rally expected to have over 1,000 people attend

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – While the Abortion Bill in Alabama has been making headlines across the U.S., Montgomery has planned marches against it, and northern Alabama is following along.

Megan Eller created an event called ‘My Body, My Choice‘ to give the Tennessee Valley a place to rally.

“It was originally created to go in solidarity with the march that was happening in Montgomery. The protest against the recent events of this week and that’s how it started, and now it’s just grown beyond where we ever imagined,” said Eller.

The Facebook page “My Body, My Choice” shows 1,000 people are going, and 2,800 are interested.

So when Eller saw this, she knew the original plan to hold the rally at the courthouse wouldn’t work.

“When it started growing we were like, ‘we could have it at Big Spring Park.’ But because there was already a rally happening there unrelated to this, it’s an annual rally, they already had a permit for the park. So Butler Green was offered to us and we felt since the numbers had grown so much, it’d be a safer option,” said Eller.

Although Straight To Ale and Yellowhammer are on either side of the green space it’s important to know that Campus 805 is not hosting the event.

Butler Green Park is city property, which is why Eller chose to hold the event there.

Eller says the whole point of the “My Body, My Choice” rally is to bring everyone together to share their opinions about the new abortion bill.

“My main goal is to let the rest of the world that this is not Alabama,” explained Eller.

While there’s a lot of controversy over this topic, Eller asks for everyone to keep the rally nonviolent.

“This is a peaceful gathering no matter what your opinions are and why you’re choosing to be here… that we can accept each other’s beliefs at this moment and just gather in peace and be respectful of one another,” said Eller.

Another rally is being held in Florence Sunday afternoon outside the post office.

The March For Reproductive Freedom: Sister Rally In The Shoals will start at 4 p.m. In a Facebook event, the organizers said the rally will occur at the same time as the rally in Montgomery.

Five people were slated to speak, but the Facebook event said more were expected to talk.

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