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No doubt you’ve seen the commercials for ABCMouse, the online learning software for kids from Glendale-based Age of Learning. They are giving now away free access to their educational software to students affected by school closures.

Recently, they invited me to their offices for a behind the scenes tour. Keep reading to find out how to get access for your kids.

Age of Learning actually creates three software products: ABCMouse, geared towards kids 2-8 years old, Adventure Academy, which is a multi-player game geared towards kids 8-13 and Reading IQ, which is a virtual library that tests a child’s reading level and surfaces appropriate books for them.

“Engagement factor is extremely important in a child’s learning, there are very specific curriculum objectives for every single activity in any of our products,” explained Doug Dohring, who founded the company more than a decade ago.

Doug Dohring, CEO of Age of Learning

Dohring previously started a website called NeoPets.

Now, at a time when kids are forced to learn at home… Dohring is giving free access to his products to over 400,000 schools affected by coronavirus closures.

“Providing quality educational resources specifically in this crucial time to kids is very important,” explained Dohring.

Dohring gave me a tour of his sprawling facility just north of Los Angeles, where a team of hundreds work on creating content, games and challenges under the watchful eye of former educators.

“Everything that their kids are exploring come from people that know what they’re talking about and have spent time in the classroom understand what it means to teach kids and understand how they learn,” said Joel Kupperstein, who runs curriculum operations for the company.

The software works on a variety of platforms from phones to tablets and computers. Although it’s still screen time, it feels good to know your kids are learning every step of the way.

“The learning outcomes are very strong, so parents love them, teachers love them, and they’re just tremendous resources,” concluded Dohring.

To get free access for your child, you must have your school request it using this form. A subscription runs about $10 a month or you can save money by paying in advance. Keep in mind, when I spoke to ABCMouse they said they got about 10,000 requests in the first few days after their announcement, so it might take a bit for them to respond to the request for free access.