AAA urges drivers to stay home if possible due to icy road conditions


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Road conditions due to winter weather can make commutes for drivers more difficult. So, AAA urges anyone who can to stay home and off the roads.

But, not everyone has the option to stay home. So, Clay Ingram with AAA shared many important changes drivers should make that can potentially be life-saving.

Ingram says many Alabamians are likely not used to driving in inclement weather. “We just don’t get enough of this type of weather in Alabama for our drivers to get accustomed to driving in it,” Ingram explained. “The number one rule is to say home if you can. Don’t get out and challenge yourself in it if you don’t have to.”

Ingram suggests increasing travel distance between you and the vehicles in front of you to the length of 6 to 8 cars. This will give more room to stop if a driver suddenly needs to hit the breaks.

“You definitely need to have more room around you than you normally do in icy conditions. Another thing to remember is to never use your cruise control in any kind of inclement weather whether it’s ice or rain.” Ingram adds that it is crucial to be in total control of your vehicle during these weather conditions.

Another piece of advice from Ingram is to take the extra time to clean off your windows and lights before getting on the road.

“The other drivers rely on all your lights, turn signals, tail lights, and break lights. You need to be able see all the way around you.” Clean windows and lights will ensure you can see and be seen by other drivers.

But, despite all of the advice Ingram gives he reiterates that all drivers should proceed with additional caution when inclement weather impacts roads.

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