DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – If you own a vehicle, AAA is hosting an event that might be worth signing up for. The business is hosting a VIN etching event May 2 at their Decatur office.

They will chemically stencil your vehicle’s VIN number into each piece of glass on your car. AAA Alabama spokesperson, Clay Ingram told News 19 having your vehicles VIN number etched into the glass will significantly lower the chances of getting your car stolen.

“If a car thief is thinking about stealing your car and sees that VIN number, odds are that they will pass up your car and go look for a different one,” Ingram told News 19. “We know from 30 years worth of statistics that if you have this done you’re 64% less likely to have your car stolen and if it is stolen, you’re 85% more likely to get it back.”

The service is free to everyone, even those who are not AAA members. You must schedule an appointment beforehand, to do so call the Decatur AAA office at 256-353-4924. Appointments will last 15 minutes.