A New Leash on Life expands their paw print with a new facility to save pets

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A New Leash on Life is a non-profit group expanding their paw print in the Tennessee Valley with a new facility. This location will aid in saving animals while raising funding all at the same time.

Located off Highway 431 in Brownsboro, the building will soon play a vital role in an ambitious goal.

“To save all animals that we can save,” shared A New Leash Volunteer, Sherry Fanning. “We don’t think that’s too great a goal.”

The non-profit is working to transform north Alabama into a no kill area. In the last three years the organization has played a role in increasing Huntsville’s save rate from 50 percent to 90 percent.  In the last year alone A New Leash found loving homes for 1,600 dogs and cats.

This new facility joins one established shelter and thrift store the organization already uses.

“What we hope is that because we have been successful in Huntsville, we can reach out to surrounding counties and the animal shelters who have high kill rates,” added Fanning.

This additional location is dual purpose. Half of the building will be called TAILS.

“The plan is to have momma dogs and puppies, and momma cats and kittens,” said Fanning.

Just an hour after the sale of the building was finalized a litter of eight Aussie pups were taken to the new location. These are the first of thousands of four legged pets that will be loved at the facility before finding a home, and these pets along with the facility need a lot of help to be successful.

“We need a refrigerator, a washer, a dryer and a fence for the pups to play in,” said Fanning. “Every dime that’s donated allows us to spend money on the dogs.”

The other half of the building is retail, or reTAIL as the non-profit is naming it.

“With sales from the thrift store we are able to pay for the vet care for all of the animals that come through,” said Fanning.

The new location has a ways to go, but with paw in hand, the process has already begun to help give thousands more animals A New Leash on Life.

If you would like to make donations to A New Leash on Life, or volunteer, click here to contact the group.

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