A Mother’s Loss: Talking About the Hard Stuff


‘A Mother’s Love’ airs Tuesday, February 21 on WHNT News 19 This Morning at 6:30 a.m.

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No matter how pulled together we may look on the outside. No matter how strong we may be. We all have “stuff.” Painful experiences, memories that rise unbidden, bringing an ache to our hearts.

I recently read a devotion that referenced the Greek philosopher Plato who said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” The devotion was about comfort.

For many women, myself included, that battle Plato spoke of has included pregnancy loss. But because miscarriage is not something often talked about, comfort was hard to find. I felt trapped in a bubble of grief. Unsure how — or even if — to bring up. Would it make close friends and family uncomfortable?

Shouldn’t I be “over” those losses by now? After all, I do have (now) two healthy children. Whatever our family experienced couldn’t possible compare to the pain others have faced — infertility, infant or child loss.

Still, when WHNT News 19 recently gave me an opportunity to explore a new topic, this is where my heart took me. To loss. To the “hard stuff.” To — in some very small way — making pregnancy loss “okay” to talk about.

Ultimately, though, I hoped some other woman might watch and feel comfort. To know someone out there was saying, “me too.”

If that’s you, I can only say “me too.”

And not just us, but another amazing woman who opened her heart to share her own story. To talk about what helped her as she works through her grief.

We hope you can watch Tuesday, February 21st in the 6:30am half hour of WHNT News 19 This Morning. We plan to follow that with a Facebook Live to continue the conversation. We’ll also add some resources to WHNT.com that may prove helpful to both women and their families.

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