A local business in Decatur treats her community like Royalty


DECATUR, Ala.- Kenya Congress mixes her passion for giving with her love of pastries. Formally known as the “Funnel Cake Queen,” now, “Royalty Funnel Cakes and more,” knows giving back is just part of her business philosophy. While many small businesses floundered during the pandemic, Congress’s establishment thrived.

New to a storefront location, Congress originally wanted to open a food trailer. But, as luck would have it, she met Connie Teague, who owns Joe’s Deli on Danville Road. After major success, Congress leased her own storefront on Beltline Road, “I was expecting it to be you know a hit and miss every other day, and it has been amazing, ever since we opened and we opened at the beginning of the pandemic.”

The store front has been there only a year and in that short amount of time, Congress has been able to thrive.

From both dine-in and drive-thru, to now drive-thru only, Congress says the Decatur community continues to support her, “I love my community, people will wait in line for over an hour sometimes, cars will line up onto Beltline Rd.”

People from all over saw the selflessness of Kenya. Back in 2018 she started a non-profit, Home of Grace, a temporary shelter for homeless women and children. While it filled her heart to help, funding the facility wasn’t easy.

That’s when she started making funnel cakes to cover expenses, but her giving didn’t stop there.

One day during the pandemic, Congress thought to herself, with a Facebook following of over 25,000, how can I help the people who have helped me, so she asked those followers, ” What bill are you worried about?”

The comments came flooding in, “it just blew up and we were seeing how it affected people, how some people with their kids being home were eating more groceries, or utilities and different things so we decided to help out in that way.”

It was then she realized with her thriving business she was able to be the help people needed,”I think this type of giving is what people need, and my goal is to be who I needed when I needed help.”

Congress says her goal in life is to always help people, even beyond the pandemic. Congress says she’ll continue to live by her motto, “If I feel good helping you, I’m going to help you.”

Royalty Funnel Cakes and More is located on 1614 Beltline Rd SW, Decatur, AL 35601.

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