A ‘Black Lives Matter’ street mural in Huntsville is in the works


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A “Black Lives Matter” mural is in the works here in Huntsville. The project still awaits city approval, but supporters are already donating to a Go Fund Me account to help cover the cost.

Is the Huntsville BLM mural next?

Designer Renzie Wilson came up with an idea for a Black Lives Matter street mural for the Church Street area because of its history in the Black community. He wants the mural to stretch from the corner of Church Street and Holmes Avenue all the way to the intersection of Monroe Street and Holmes.

“I wanted it to be seen by the visitors of Huntsville as well as the locals,” said Wilson.

Wilson wants “Black Lives Matter” to cover part of Holmes Avenue. And to jump on board, the artistic movement is already becoming a part of other cities in Alabama.

“The reason I designed it the way I did is because Alabama is known as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, and this Black Lives Matter Movement is just an extension, or a continuum of that movement,” said Wilson.

Black lives matter in North Alabama

Wilson said he wants to bring his personal experiences into the artwork.

“As a child, I’ve been…called the “n” word, to spit on, and then I’ve been tried by a jury of 12 white men, and I’m used to the inequality in this area,” said Wilson.

He originally pitched the idea in June. Now Arts Huntsville Executive Director Allison Dillon-Jauken said she will meet with Wilson and the city planner this week to talk about the next step.

“She said that it has to go through what I call a lot of red tape. I thought it was going to be a simple process, but it has to go through city projects and engineers, planners. It has to be licensed as well.”

How you can support this Black Lives Matter project

But Wilson said he’s hopeful with the help of his supporters, and the city, his idea will turn this space into a mural and a message.

Organizers said if the city does not approve the project, the funds from their Go Fund Me account will go toward other Black Lives Matter art projects.

You can support the project by clicking here.

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