4-year-old Morgan County boy gets birthday surprise from friends


Asher’s 4th Birthday surprise by Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

DECATUR, Ala. – A little boy in Decatur got his birthday wish granted by some special friends on Sunday night, and boy did his dreams come true.

4-year-old Asher has his mind made up on his future career, his mom said.

“He has wanted to be a police officer since he was old enough to say what he wanted to be when he grew up,” said Misty Elm.

Asher heading to check out the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Cars

Elm works for the 911 dispatch in Morgan County, so Asher is no stranger to the faces, or the lights and sirens.

“I wanted to surprise him for his birthday by having one of the deputies come out and let him look at the patrol car and see him in uniform,” said Elm. “I asked Sgt. Jones if he would be willing to come by one day to surprise Asher for his birthday, and he said he would be glad to.”

What Elm didn’t expect was for Sgt. Jones to go above and beyond her request.

“I just expected him to bring one patrol car, but he brought the whole night shift crew,” Elm said.

She said the look on Asher’s face when he opened the door and saw the Sheriff’s vehicles sitting outside just for him…was priceless.

Asher testing out the driver’s seat of a patrol car with the help of a Morgan County Sheriff’s patrol car

“His face lit up! He ran over and got in the patrol cars and looked inside them,” said Elm.

Asher enjoyed the lights, sirens and testing out the driver’s seat in the cars. These are the things that kids like Asher gush over.

The energetic 4-year-old also got an opportunity another day to check out the Morgan County Ambulance vehicles. He was willing to get his hands dirty to help wash the trucks, push more buttons, and pose with the crew.

His mom says these are experiences he won’t soon forget.

“He hasn’t stopped talking about them since,” Elm said.

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