HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — There’s nothing better than learning while having fun. Alabama 4-H put on its second “River Kids” kayak safety class of the summer.

River Kids is a statewide program that teaches kids about kayak safety and freshwater resources that are available in their hometown.

Kids lined up to grab a kayak, paddle and life jacket before hitting the water at Flint River this morning. Some of the skills they learned about surrounded paddle safety, boat steering and proper life jacket attire.

Madison County native Michael Collin has spent the last six months helping build up the area’s 4-H program.

“Giving opportunities to young people all over the county to enjoy the same things that I got to as a kid are very important to me,” said Collin.

Collin has mentioned the possibility of a third class taking place later this month. If you would like to keep up with Madison 4-H events, visit their website.