3D printing camp kicks off at Calhoun Community College

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DECATUR, Ala. – Some new students arrived on the campus of Calhoun Community College.

The school started its 3D printing and design camp for high schoolers.

During camp, students will learn how to use design software, solve engineering problems and use 3D printers.

Organizers say there aren’t enough qualified people to fill the additive manufacturing fields right now.

Calhoun officials say their best bet is reaching potential students while they’re young.

“What we wanted to do is bring in high school students, fourteen to seventeen, and create this camp. Introduce them to STEM,” said Nina Bullock of Calhoun Community College. “Let them know that designing can be fun and guess what we’re going to make some cool things. So we’re going to design them today and take them home tomorrow.”

Students will draft a single design for the week and pitch the concept on Friday.

They will also visit two local engineering companies.

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