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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ala. – A train derailed Friday in Pell City.

The derailment happened about 6 p.m. off of the portion of Highway 78 that runs through the city. According to, Pell City Police Chief Paul Irwin said as many as 30 trains cars went off of the tracks, crashing into one another.

“It’s a mess,” Irwin said.

The Norfolk Southern train was carrying cargo, not passengers, and there were no injuries. Those cars that crashed were separated from the train, which continued on for at least another mile before railroad officials realized what happened.

Irwin said the cargo included lumber, and steel coils. Norfolk Southern’s Hazmat team responded to the scene.

A portion of Highway 78 was temporarily shut down. Irwin said they expect to remain on the scene for hours and the rail line could be closed for days. Other tracks are available.