3-D Printer gives Wisconsin duck a second ‘Walk of Life’

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A duck in Wisconsin, who lost both of his feet to frostbite, received a new lease on life after a middle school technology teacher used a 3-D printer to create him new feet.

According to WBAY-TV, Phillip the duck was rescued by Vicki Rabe-Harrison. Rabe-Harrison tried to give him the best quality of life possible, but eventually decided to schedule to have him euthanized.

In a last ditch effort, she reached out to South Park Middle School technology teacher Jason Jischke after seeing a video online of his 3-D printer.

Jischke and his students immediately went to work designing prosthetic legs for the injured duck.

After weeks of trial and error, Phillip was fitted with his new 3-D attachments.

“He picked it up real fast and I’m sure he’ll learn to balance again, and be able to waddle around with all the other ducks,” Rabe-Harrison said.

Jischke’s school rallied behind the effort, cheering Phillip on as he waddled across the school yard.

“I’m so happy for Phillip, giving him that second walk of life,” Jischke said.

Phillip’s next stop is an animal sanctuary, where he can practice using his printed flippers.

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