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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Police Department (HPD) cited 24 convenience stores following a four-hour operation for selling alcohol to minors.

The Huntsville Police Department says they got multiple tips from the community about convenience stores selling alcohol to minors. The tips came from parents.

“They would call and ask us, hey my child is buying alcohol from this convenience store, they are coming home. Coming in sick, coming home drunk so we looked into it,” says Sgt. Davis.

According to HPD, the operation was carried out on Wednesday, November 17, and included HPD Community Resource Officers (CRO’s) and two juveniles. They visited 32 stores in the area to see if they would sell alcohol to a minor.

The juveniles had to be truthful about their age and show identification if asked by a store employee.

24 of the 32 stores were cited for unlawfully selling alcohol to a minor. The addresses of those stores are listed below.

  • 307 Andrew Jackson Way NE
  •  501 Drake Avenue SW
  •  508 Oakwood Ave.
  •  611 Highway 72 E
  •  2003 Meridian St.
  • 2323 Golf Road SW
  • 2525 Winchester Road
  • 3121 Drake Ave. SW
  • 3315 Governors Drive
  • 3629 Patton Road SW
  • 3726 Blue Spring Road NW  
  • 3906 Triana Blvd.  
  • 4113 Bob Wallace Ave. SW
  • 4200 Bob Wallace Ave. SW
  •  5990 Pulaski Pike NW
  • 4011 University Drive NW
  • 6150 University Drive NW
  • 6278 University Drive NW
  • 7131 Highway 72 W
  • 7520 Highway 72 W
  • 7584 Highway 72 W
  • 8000 Memorial Pkwy SW
  • 10001 Memorial Pkwy SW
  • 11431 Memorial Pkwy SW

A News 19 reporter attempted to reach all 24 stores for comment on Monday but none of them would speak about the citations.

Sergeant Chris Davis says Huntsville Police take this seriously and will not be allowing it in the city.

“Obviously underage alcohol sales is always going to be an ongoing issue but we want to make sure its not a major issue. We will continue to do these details throughout this year and next year. We don’t want this problem to grow and get out of hand so we’re going to continue our efforts,” says Sgt. Davis.

HPD reminds the public that selling alcohol to a minor is a misdemeanor offense, with penalties including a fine of up to $1,000 or a year in jail for those who commit the offense.

HPD urges anyone with information about illegal sales of alcohol to minors to call 256-746-4132.