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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A house fire in Huntsville has left two people displaced.

Crews responded to a house fire on Woodview Drive near Huntsville Hospital on Thursday morning. When they arrived, they say the house was immersed in flames and heavy smoke.

Huntsville Fire says no one was injured.

The people who live here are displaced but the Chief said they were able to save a lot of the family’s photo albums and memories.

Multiple fire crews Huntsville fire and rescue worked together to put out the flames. They tell us the flames were put out in a matter of 20 minutes but hot spots remained for several hours.

The Chief says part of the reason it took so long is due to the framework of the house.

“They are built extremely well but that also presents problems you don’t just have sheetrock ceilings you actually have tongue and groove wood for the ceilings so we can’t just knock holes right in it really easy to access what was all burning up there you actually have to cut holes to find the attic access and it takes time because it was smoked up.”

Fire investigators are still working to find out what caused the fire.