The Future On Hold: College in the time of COVID-19

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If you were in college or had a college student in your life, Spring 2020 will likely never conjure memories of warm days on the quad, or spring break or graduation parties. At Alabama A&M and colleges across the country, Spring 2020 signaled the end of college life as they knew it.

Demetrius Hurry, who’s poised to graduate from Alabama A&M this spring, was one of the thousands caught in the middle. He talked with News 19 about the struggles and the lessons he’s learned as part of our series: The Future On Hold.

On Friday, March 13, 2020, as COVID-19 alarms began to sound, Alabama A&M students were given a week to leave campus and prepare for electronic learning for the foreseeable future.

“It was very shocking. I was actually really sad because we were in the middle of spring week, which is basically kind of like homecoming in spring. When they sent us that email it said like okay, you’re gonna leave this certain day … It was just a shocker, I was very upset because I wanted to finish out the year,” Hurry told News 19.

Hurry is an anchor with Alabama A&M’s campus tv station, WJAB and he’s on the track team. College life was fun. Then, everything was frozen. Even returning to campus, wasn’t the same. Restrictions were strictly enforced.

Staying motivated was vital. There were tests, everywhere, e-learning, and having to be COVID tested three times a week for the track team.

Through mental struggles and loneliness, Hurry said he’s emerged more confident.

“I became more open, I became more outgoing…  I was 18. So, of course, as young adults, we’re gonna be acting out but when it comes to the time being, once you get close to graduating, you got to mature up because you got to go out in the real world to talk to people that’s in higher level,” Hurry said.

Hear more from Demetrius and his experience at A&M during COVID-19 on News 19 Tuesday night.

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