We’re a week into the New Year and people are making resolutions and adjusting their lives to be and feel better. Maybe you want to read more. Maybe you want to spend more time outside, or doing an activity you love.

We asked some folks around the newsroom what their New Year’s resolutions are for the year, so here’s a peek at some of the ones made by the News 19 team:

Lauren Layton, MMJ/Anchor – “I am trying to get 10,000 steps a day, but it is proving to be more time-consuming than I thought… I guess my next resolution should be to build endurance to run them all instead of walking.”

Steve Johnson, Anchor – “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, other than I resolve to try and remember all the resolutions I make daily. So far, I’m only modestly successful.”

Nawaal Jalill, Producer – “Appreciate the little moments in life!”

Maggie Matteson, Digitial Producer – “I plan to read at minimum 12 books this year, and I have been journaling more. I want to work on my more creative hobbies. I also want to get back into my 2-4 mile walking routine.”

Greg Screws, Anchor – “My New Year’s Resolution is… I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. The one thing I do, however, is I think it’s a good time to reassess various aspects of your life as you project what next year will look like, and see if your goals need adjusting. See if there’s something you need to work on or if there is something you need to start doing health-wise. But the big thing to remember: always buy the concert tickets.”

Jessica Camuto, Meteorologist – “This New Year I want to really try to cut down my coffee intact… I’ve tried but have not been successful so far.”

Channing Hampton, Producer – “I want to travel this year.”

Sean Collier, Photojournalist – “Mine is to be better about holding myself accountable with eating healthier, doing more creative stuff and really just focusing on bettering myself physically and mentally.”

Logan Sparkman, Digital Producer – “Mine this year is probably to be kinder to myself and give myself more grace.”

Kelley Smith, Anchor – “My resolution is to set aside time to meditate 3 times a week.”

Zach Hester, Digital Reporter – “Mine are to build the body I want for me, not to impress anyone else, and feel better about myself physically. I also want to *finally* begin writing creatively again and work on my book. And grow professionally. I am also trying to journal every day.”

We here at News 19 want to wish you a Happy New Year!