Weeknight Anchor Emileigh Forrester has been an essential member of the News 19 team since she started on April 25, 2022. Whether she’s covering a community event, or goofing around with Greg Screws, we always love seeing the giant smile on her face.

Emileigh has been able to cover local events, like the Make-a-Wish Telethon or the death of Officer Garrett Crumby, and important stories, like our recent specials on opioid usage or Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Over the past year, I have experienced dozens of instances where I have felt not only proud, but honored, to work for News 19. I feel this on typical news days, but it’s the days when the viewers need us the most — events like deadly severe weather, a community crisis, or the chances we get to serve those in need — when I realize how blessed I am to work here,” she said.

Emileigh added how happy she was to be able to serve the community alongside her News 19 team.

“When I see the incredible way News 19 staff members come together and work their hardest to serve our Tennessee Valley communities, I remember how happy I am that I made the decision to join this team and that the leaders of this team wanted me on it.”

We are so happy to have her at News 19! Happy one-year anniversary, Emileigh!