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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We all have our extravagant dreams about someone famous we’d love to meet. One ambitious great-grandson in Huntsville is taking to social media in an effort to make his 104-year-old great-grandmother’s wish come true.

“He’s so popular,” exclaimed Mildred Loveday. “Everybody loves him. Women will fall out in the floor.”

She’s talking about the one and only country superstar, Garth Brooks. The iconic singer/songwriter has always held a special place in Ms. Loveday’s heart.

“I think he’s precious,” shared Loveday. “At night when I am sick and lonely, I play his music and it calms me and makes me feel good. He just sounds so pretty.”

Ms. Loveday sits in a chair surrounded by five loving generations of family members. A unique sight indeed. But, at the center of this picturesque family moment is Garth. Loveday is holding onto a framed picture he signed and sent her for her 100th birthday. This Veterans Day Mildred turned 104. That’s when her great-grandson, Brian Brooks, decided there was no time to waste if he wanted his loved one to live out the dream of meeting her favorite superstar.

“I think he’s a good enough guy,” told Brooks. “I think if he knew about her being 104 and how much she loves him, I think he’d come see her.”

He made a Facebook page in hopes that it will be shared and Garth Brooks will get a chance to see her. Then, he can make the choice to visit or not.

Ms. Loveday has been a lifelong “super fan” of Garth and his family. She has all his books, CD’s, several pictures and many magazine articles.

“I think he’s got the most beautiful voice,” she says with a smile. “He talks about the Lord a lot. Then, he’ll turn right around and say something ugly! He’s just precious, one of my favorite people in the whole world honey.”

As for her favorite song of Garth’s? It’s “Friends in Low Places” and her reasoning is very logical.

“Because he’s bringing himself down,” she explained. “Not with the upper people but the common people. Not the big shots. That’s it, in lower places.”

However, let’s be honest. This sweet great-great-grandmother is anything but common!

And when asked what it would mean for her to actually meet the man whose music she adores? “Well God knows I’d die,” laughed Loveday. “I’d die. That would just be the most honorable thing. That would be one thing that I would like to have before I die if I had my wish. That’d be it! I’d give anything in the world to meet him.”

Well, only time will tell if Garth Brooks will respond to Ms. Loveday’s wish.