Request a Distracted Driving speaker from WHNT News 19 for your school


WHNT News 19 and Morris, King and Hodge have worked to spread an important message through 2016 to Stop Distracted Driving.

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Fast Fact: For drivers 15-19 years old involved in fatal crashes, 21 percent of the distracted drivers were distracted by the use of cell phones. (“Traffic Safety Facts: Distracted Driving 2011,” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

At any given moment during daylight hours, more than 660,000 vehicles are being driven by someone using a hand-held cell phone (NHTSA).

Because we’re concerned and we want to make a difference, WHNT News 19 has created a campaign to help convince drivers not to drive distracted, and we’d like to offer free content and material for students.

WHNT News 19’s Melissa Riopka and attorney Joe King of Morris, King and Hodge can be requested to speak to area students. The presentation includes:

  • The different activities that keep us distracted while driving
  • Why we do it – and why we’re wrong
  • Legal consequences
  • Emotional consequences
  • Ways to break the habit
  • Taking the pledge

Teachers, consider requesting a classroom volunteer to increase your students’ safety on the road! One-hour presentations are currently available.

To request these free speakers, fill out the form fields and we’ll contact you to coordinate the details.  Please note that these requests are filled on a first come, first served basis, and are dependent on availability of the speakers.

Let’s take action and get results together!

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