The Alabama Department of Public Health developed and maintains this interactive map with the latest confirmed case numbers in counties across the state.

ADPH has a number of statistics to choose from including a chart showing the number of new cases diagnosed each day. You can see the different views by clicking on the tabs under the Alabama map.

It’s important to note that the numbers on the ADPH interactive map are cumulative. They will never decrease.

The Alabama Department of Public Health reported the first death in the state from COVIID-19 on March 25.

Johns Hopkins University has also shared an interactive map with us. Below you will find an interactive map of the cases in Alabama as well as the confirmed cases in the United States.

The Alabama Department of Public Health released a new dashboard on June 30 in which it indicates the risk level of COVID-19 in any given county of the state.

Here’s some additional information on pre-existing conditions for COVID-19 patients from the CDC:

Resources from the ADPH

Resources and Updates from CDC

For the latest on COVID-19, visit the CDC Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) website.