JuVaughn Harrison places 7th in high jump final

Japan 2020

JAPAN — Huntsville native JuVaughn Harrison finished 7th in the world in the high jump medal event Sunday morning.

Friends and Family gathered dark and early Sunday morning at 5 a.m. at, “M&K Jamaican Restaurant”, where everyone wore, “Mr. Jumps” shirts and waved the American Flag, cheering, every time he attempted a jump.

Mother, Georgia Harrison, could be seen clasping her hands and jumping in sheer excitement every time JuVaughn cleared the bar or she would yell, “It’s ok baby, it’s ok.”

JuVaughn’s former High School coach at Columbia High School, Ryan Shea said while JuVaughn has grown into an amazing athlete, he still saw a lot of the young JuVaughn.

“The way to develop, the way he got into competition, his intensity and the velocity of the technical event, the best that he could and excel, he’s one of the youngest compete, I’m going to say, keep watching,” Shea told News 19.

While he didn’t medal, Georgia says just seeing her son on the world stage left her at a loss for words.

“Words can not express the feelings I have right now, I am so very proud of him. Even though it’s not the outcome we wanted, we’ll take it anyway. Just the fact that he’s even at the Olympics sends a whole different message to younger athletes to let them know that, it’s reachable. You just have to work very hard and can attain your goal,” Gerogia said.

But, one thing is for certain, as proud as Georgia is of her son, she can’t wait for him to be back home and the first thing she’s going to do, “Hug him and kiss him and feed him, he’s an eater and he loves to eat. So yes, all that as much love, lots and lots of love,” Georgia said.

Harrison finished with a 2.33m jump.

He cleared the 2.19m jump, 2.24m jump, 2.27m, 2.30m, and 2.33m.

Harrison’s personal record is 2.36m and he was attempting 2.37m and 2.39m.

He will compete in the long jump medal event Sunday night.

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