Former President Trump is railing against Twitter CEO Elon Musk for telling Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that he voted for President Biden in 2020. 

Trump said in a post on Truth Social on Tuesday that he does not believe “for a minute” that Musk voted for Biden in 2020, alleging that Musk told him he voted for him. 

“Elon is just trying to make friends with the absolutely horrible Biden Administration because of all the government subsidies he gets, and all the permits he needs,” Trump said. 

SpaceX and Tesla, both of which Musk leads, have reportedly received millions of dollars in federal subsidies. 

“I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. I actually voted for Biden. Not saying I’m a huge fan of Biden because I would think that probably would be inaccurate,” Musk told Carlson in a Fox News interview that partially aired on Monday. 

Musk said presidential elections pose a “difficult” decision and he would prefer a candidate who is a “normal person with common sense and whose values are smack in the middle of the country.” 

Trump said the remarks are Musk’s attempt at “mending fences.” 

Musk has previously voiced support for centrist candidates, saying in June that he might create a “Super Moderate Super PAC” to support candidates from both parties who have moderate views. 

He said at the time that he voted for a Republican for the first time ever when he backed former Rep. Mayra Flores to win a special election for Texas’s 34th Congressional District. Flores won the special election but lost her election to serve a full term in November. 

Musk said in November that he would support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for the 2024 presidential election if he runs.