(WHNT) — More than 7% of outpatient visits in Alabama hospitals in the last week of November were related to an influenza-like illness, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

To be more exact, ADPH states for the week ending on November 26, the state saw 7.49% percent of those outpatient visits related to an influenza-like illness.

7.49% of outpatient visits may not seem like a large portion of regular trips to a medical center, but it represents a sharp increase from years past as the nation deals with an earlier-than-usual spike in respiratory illnesses.

ADPH data shows data from the last two years at this same time hovering just under 2%.

“We are seeing influenza A predominantly, more specifically A/H3 and A/H1N1,” the agency said on social media. “Other viruses circulating in our communities include COVID-19, rhinovirus/enterovirus, and RSV.”

Further exploration shows Alabama’s Northeast, West Central, and Jefferson County regions as the areas with the highest rates — all three topped out above 9% of outpatient visits. The lowest rate came in the Southeastern region at 5.85%.

The weekly report confirmed there have been 13 influenza-related deaths this season, with three of those being children.

To see the full report from November 20 through 26, click here.