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Perform embedded software development and test in support of a multi-processor avionics research and development program.

This division works a variety of guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C) algorithm development programs in support of defense, NASA, and commercial customers.

  • The candidate will responsible for supporting hardware/software integration on an advanced avionics mission processor system.
  • The candidate will port GN&C algorithms to run on multi-core Central Processing Units (CPUs) as well as Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), including profiling the code on various processors to demonstrate real-time performance.
  • The candidate will support sensor integration over interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, and RS-232.
  • The candidate will support software testing to ensure system accuracy and robustness when operating with diverse sets of sensors under various operating conditions.


  • -The candidate must be at a minimum a college student working towards an accredited degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related, preferably at a Junior level or above.
  • Experience with embedded software development experience with Linux.
  • Experience using CUDA or OpenCL to run parallel processing algorithms on GPU systems.
  • Experience interfacing to sensors over various interface protocols. Candidates should have experience supporting testing of production software.
  • The candidate is expected to have 1+ years experience in this field.
  • Must have the ability to obtain a U.S. Security Clearance.
  • U.S. Citizenship required.

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