Featured Job: Supply/Inventory Specialist

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Maintains inventory, computer entry, storage, and distribution of all supplies issued by the department. Provides project support to the managers by creating, preparing, and updating computer information and reports.

High School Diploma/certificate of completion or GED required. Some college preferred.



Previous experience in supply and equipment management preferred. Health care experience preferred.


Additional Skills/Abilities

Must be able to work in a fast paced environment, requiring prioritizing and changing tasks frequently and quickly. Excellent communication skills including the ability to communicate in English with people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and the ability to use effective interpersonal and teamwork skills when working with a variety if people and situations. Must be able to organize work load, accomplish goals and objectives, and meet deadlines. Must be able to establish priorities, delegate when required and follow up in problem solving. Must have quality orientation and be attentive to detail. Must be able to operate communication system appropriately (beepers, telephones, fax machine).


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