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Responsible for ongoing modifications and development of software modules to satisfy various business application requirements. Maintains system structure and information integrity. Supports problems identification, troubleshooting, and resolution. Provides enhancements and maintains current applications to meet the needs of the end user in providing quality and cost effective processes and support.


Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university in Computer Science or related field is required. May consider experience in lieu of degree.



Advancement level for Applications Programmer with completion of, and demonstrated competencies in the following TDS systems or equivalent IT systems.


Additional skills/abilities:

Requires excellent oral and written communication skills plus well-developed interpersonal skills.

Ability to manage and appropriately prioritize multiple assignments in a stressful work environment. Proficiency in several computer languages as required by work environment.

Detailed knowledge of various technical environments that support the development of system software. Ability to develop requests into logical and clear definitions to facilitate software development. Skill to develop technical documentation to support software modifications. Strong detail orientation. Ability to follow both written and oral instructions. Amount of supervision: minimal.


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