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  • Maintain member apartments and common areas in a sanitary and infection-free condition through washing, cleaning and replacement of equipment and furnishings.
  • Responsible for indoor household cleaning and organizing tasks as assigned on the shift checklist. Typical responsibilities include vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping and sweeping floors, changing and laundering bed linens.
    • Responsible for disposal of trash, waste, and other disposable materials.
    • Responsible for washing dishes, cleaning utensils and silverware in apartment and common kitchens.
    • Wet mop hard floors in all residents’ apartments, bathrooms, and building common areas.
    • Vacuum and spot clean all carpeted floors.
    • Sweep all  hardwood floors
    • Clean wash basins, mirrors, commodes, tubs, and showers.
    • Damp dust furniture, light fixtures, window sills, blinds, etc.
    • Clean all air vents.
  • Cleaning projects and/or heavier cleaning tasks as assigned (i.e. window cleaning, furniture deep cleaning).
  • Check all vacant rooms daily to keep fresh.
  • Check entire area for spills, water, etc. periodically, especially in members’ bathrooms.


  • Use safety precautions in all housekeeping services.
  • Develops positive working relationship with Members, management, and staff.
  • Fully understands all emergency procedures and act responsibly in the event of a fire, or other emergency.
  • Follow instructions on use of germicidal solutions to clean. All procedures for solution use will be part of the housekeeper’s training.
  • Report any needed repairs immediately to Member Services Director (such as leaky faucets or toilets, loose tile, broken window panes, missing nuts or screws, beds needing repair, etc.).
  • Recommends changes in effective use of space and equipment.



Position Specific Competencies:

  • This position must provide clean, sanitary comfortable, orderly and satisfying surroundings for the members and quests. The housekeeper promotes sanitary conditions which prevent the spread of infection and odors.
  • The housekeeper must follow the required procedures for handling, cleaning, disposing, or moving of objects/materials and/or the clean-up of blood, infectious materials, or body fluids.
  • Must provide exceptional customer service.
  • Must have the ability to work well with others and independently.
  • Must have personality with which others can communicate easily.
  • This position demands good physical and mental health. The housekeeper will be required to lift, carry, walk, sit, push, pull and work a flexible schedule, must be able to move continuously during work hours and able to lift and/or carry 75 pounds.
  • Must demonstrate proper body mechanics as required for lifting.
  • Operates various mechanized cleaning equipment, such as vacuums, polishers, buffers, etc.
  • Must handle various cleaning solvents, chemicals, etc. Must comply with all regulations such as OSHA, EPA, State Health Department, etc.
  • Requires working in damp, dusty and dirty areas. Must clean up human waste and other body fluids, as required.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Must be able to read, write, and make simple calculations and follow both oral and written instructions.
  • Must have a sense of responsibility and strong integrity as well as overall common sense.
  • Sincere desire to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for all members and their quests.
  • Overall good physical and mental health.
  • Overall patient and compassionate.
  • Will be regular in attendance, with the right attitude and attire.

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