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Regional Technical Trainer provides in depth, onsite technical and installation training to LG servicers as directed by LGEAI Management. Job functions and quality will be monitored by LGEAI via means of periodic “over the shoulder” evaluations by supervisors and the LGEAI Train The Trainer Specialist as well as email survey responses sent to LGEAI by the students.



  • Provide technical training, minimum requirements, 25 classes, 2 times a year, more often as necessary.
  • Extensive traveling required, with up to 3 months on the road per training session.  (Weekends and time off during this time available)
  • Demonstrate proper technical troubleshooting, including proper use of all related test equipment and field repair techniques, along with detailed description and adherence to safety procedures.
  • Develop training materials, literature and PowerPoint’s to be used during these sessions.
  • Develop and maintain technical proficiency in the complete product line through extensive group and hands-on technical training research, and reverse engineering of product before initiating training.
  • Work closely with assigned regional partner to share costs, driving, shipping, loading and un-loading duties.
  • Attend industry conventions to provide field support and training, as well as to research competitor programs and techniques for further LGEAI program improvement.
  • Enforce LG Service Policy and Procedure.
  • Using an Early Warning System (EWS) for both on and off-site problem resolution reporting including any safety related developments.
  • Product field-testing and quality audit feedback to provide information for product improvement.
  • Provide weekly and monthly Reports as required.
  • Other duties as requested by LGEAI headquarters management



  • Minimum of Associate’s Degree, (Bachelors Degree preferred) in Technical Field or a related field.
  • Must have the ability to proactively monitor and manage funds and finances accurately.
  • High level of PC knowledge such as MS Office, & possess excellent communication skills both written and oral.
  • Minimum of 3 years working experience in consumer electronics and/or appliance fields. Technical bench repair experience and / or technical training experience is a plus.
  • Experience conducting training and completion of a formal training preparation program is a plus.
  • Up to 75% travel across CONUS is normal.
  • Bi-lingual English- Spanish preferred.


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