Featured Job: Benefits Technician

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This is specialized clerical work associated with the administration of the City of Huntsville employee’s group insurance plans and related benefit programs.

Work involves the coordination, control, maintenance and processing of enrollments and claim records.

This also involves the adherence to the City’s policies and procedures covering the privacy of and access to employees’ protected health information in compliance with federal and state laws and the City’s information privacy practices.

Work is performed under the direction of the Benefits & Safety Coordinator and requires considerable initiative, independent judgment and discretion in performing various duties.

  • Assist employee in completing complex enrollment applications and claim forms in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Maintain accurate master file records of all insured employees.
  • Maintain a variety of confidential records and prepares periodic reports.
  • Conduct benefits orientation sessions with employees to provide an understanding of benefit coverage options;
  • Assist with unresolved insurance and benefit claims.
  • Create, coordinate, and mail correspondences and invoices to employees/retirees on information to include, but not limited to: payments, exchange of information, and request for documentation.
  • Prepare marketing information for open enrollment, on-boarding and benefits; develop and present presentations related to the group insurance plans and benefits programs.
  • Create and prepares open enrollment documents, including flow charts, and educational pieces.
  • Enter information electronically to various benefit portals for employees and all covered dependents.
  • Assist in the completion and processing of required paperwork for employees and dependents eligible for COBRA benefits.
  • Assist with the City’s annual open enrollment process.
  • Act as a liaison between employees and third party administrators to ensure proper claim service and payment.
  • Audit various invoices and benefits reports for accuracy; researches and reconciles errors; requests payment for premium submission to the appropriate vendors.
  • Assist in the coordination of the City’s wellness program and wellness fairs.
  • Maintain the City’s policies and procedures for protecting individually identifiable health information in compliance to federal, state, and local laws.
  • Utilize the appropriate authorization forms and other related documents as required under HIPAA privacy and security standards.
  • Comply with the City’s privacy and security policies and procedures with regard to HIPAA.


Requires regular and prompt attendance plus the ability to work well with others and work well as a team.

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