HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Legendary rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd isn’t ready to stop playing quite yet, as they pause Farewell Tour.

In 2018, Lynyrd Skynyrd announced that they would be retiring from their more than 40 years of rock ‘n’ roll. With more than 60 albums and more than 30 million units sold, they would be starting the “Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour.”

Johnny Van Zant, Gary Rossington and Rickey Medlocke spoke with Dan Rather in 2019 about the upcoming tour. Rossington joked, “It takes a long time to finish a farewell tour when you’re like us, ’cause we’ve played everywhere…I keep jokin’ it’d take 10 years to do the farewell tour.”

In 2020, many things were harshly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. That included the tour. Van Zant reflected on the pandemic.

“This past year has been very difficult on so many people, including us and our families. I think you realize once something is taken away from you, you truly realize how important it is and such a part of your life.”

Rossington added, “we were in the last part of the Farewell Tour when COVIDE turned our world upside down. And, since that time, we have been talking amongst the band, and realized that music has such this way of healing. Maybe it’s not our time to go? And maybe it’s our time to lift people’s spirits and lives and bring back some joy and happiness after so much turmoil this past year.”

The legendary rockers, best known for “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird,” aren’t done yet. To stay updated, you can check out Lynyrd Skynyrd’s website and the Orion Amphitheatre’s Facebook page. For now, you can receive your ticket refund at the point of purchase.