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“The Laws do not always serve those who truly need it, but I can use my upbringing to shift the focus on issues that truly matters.” That statement comes from Natalie Walls, a woman who sees herself as someone who can push boundaries and produce change.

Her unique style when it comes to fashion and her outspoken whit she carries, inspires her to become more than just ordinary. As a person of Asian descent raised in a predominately white neighborhood, Walls uses her upbringing to help others. Her unique experience motivates her to help those who cannot help themselves.

Walls is currently enrolled at Jacksonville State University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sociology. She is also involved in various clubs and organizations on campus including Zeta Phi Eta communications fraternity, SGA senate, and college Republicans and Democrats club.

Walls found her passion as an aspiring lawyer from her father, who taught her about laws and how they shape the way we live as a society. Her father raised her to believe that whatever she puts her mind to, she can be successful. “My dad has always taught me to never let no one run over you. Pursue what you want to do. Be bold, and fearless,” Walls said.

Her attitude comes from her “spiteful aggression” to prove other people wrong.

Hearing others tell their stories about being women in the legal field, sparked a fire in her to dominate this industry. “If you say I can’t do it, that only encourages me to do it more,” Walls believes. “Half of what I do is to prove people wrong.  I know I have the potential and the talent to contribute to the legal field; do not discredit me because I am a woman.”

She explains how laws are the backbone in our society and the benefits on pursuing a career in the legal industry. “I’ve always been observant to politics, global, and national news. Laws and policies have always been an extension of politics, leading me to have an interest in law. Laws keep bad people in line and protect good people. Walls believes. the benefits to being in this industry is that you get to make connections and have that first-hand experience in shaping laws.”

Walls also believes that women have been given more credit in the legal industry. Even though this profession is considered “man’s work,” seeing progress being made in the industry has helped women pursue this career.

The biggest challenge that Walls has faced while pursuing this career is self-doubt. She explains the process of applying and studying for law schools can be challenging. “I’m a hard worker, but even the hardest worker can be somewhat discouraged when faced with the smallest acceptance rate of the most prestigious law schools,” Walls said. Her involvement in school has helped her grow as an individual and has given her confidence in pursing this career. Natalie wants to pursue her career specifically in Corporate Law.

She wants to help companies negotiate and play a role as a mediator for various companies. Her goal is to help the less fortunate by spreading awareness on issues that truly matter for lower-class communities. Studies have shown that women of color have experienced racism in the legal industry, whether its micro-aggression or racial hostility. She believes that even though women have experienced this type of behavior, women have made progress but there’s always work to be done.

Recently, Asian hate crimes has risen over hundred percent since COVID-19. Even though laws have been established to protect minorities in the United States, Asians are being brutally mistreated and abused because of racism. Walls explains her opinion on #Asianhate, and laws that needs to be established for minorities. “Asian hate crimes have risen over hundred percent since Covid-19, and it would be tempting to be scared and that’s totally valid. I have the upmost confidence when it comes to addressing Asian hate however, laws that we have already established needs to be enforced.” Walls says.

Walls is a force that cannot be stopped. Using her knowledge and talent to pursue this career has inspired other women to do the same. She encourages women of color whether Black, Asian, Hispanic, to not let fear hold them back. “The only way that we are going to be able to open up this world, Walls believes. Is for women to boldly pursue the careers that has been historically taken away from us.”