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Every country has been impacted by COVID-19, but some places have been left in devastation. One of these places is Cuyapo, Philippines. A town of 65,000 people are starving. Many inhabitants make their money from farming. The problem is farming is prohibited in Cuyapo as this town is following strict stay at home orders.

Since many people from this town could no longer afford to buy food, they raised chickens.  Chickens are a good long-term resource for food, and they are easy to keep around the home. However, when the pandemic started another unknown disease spread through this town leaving all of their chickens dead. With no income and no food, families started to panic.

Oscar and Angelina Antolin emigrated from Cuyapo, Philippines to the United States in 1966. Although they have been living in the United States for over 50 years, they are still deeply connected to their roots. One day, the Antolins received a call from distressed family members who told them what was happening to their hometown. The two immediately created an action plan to help their village more than 8,000 miles away.

The couple wanted to help feed the Philippines. They asked their relatives to find them more than 400 people in need. Although this seems like a difficult task, it’s not in a closely connected town like Cuyapo. The Antolin’s filled 405 envelopes with 10 dollars inside of each one. They then had their relatives distribute these surprise envelopes throughout the town. Angelina said, “They were very happy to get something they did not expect, it was an unexpected blessing for them.” While $10 may not seem like much, it can provide a family in the Philippines with a few days’ worth of food.

The Antolin’s are known by many for their acts of generosity to the poor. Although they themselves are not rich they never turn down an opportunity to share. When asked why they give beyond their means, Angelina said, “Because it brings us joy to know we are helping and sharing the blessing to others that the Lord has given us. We are just being used as a channel of blessings to people in need.”

The couple has spent the last 15 years dedicating themselves to helping the poor. They created an organization that builds churches, distributes medicine to the sick, gives clothes to the needy, and feeds the hungry.

Not only does this organization cater to the people in the Philippines, but also Nicaragua. One hundred percent of the donations go to the ministry and people in need. Finding donors can be difficult, especially during hard economic times due to COVID-19.

The Antolin’s are asking people to donate to their current project of feeding the people in Cuyapo. Any small amount will help feed a family for days. To help donate you can visit