Zumba your way to better health anywhere

Wellness Wednesday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Typical workouts are a thing of the past. As the fitness world continues to advance, staying healthy gets easier. That’s the goal of Certified Zumba instructor Stephanie Mills.

The Latin-infused dance fitness is meant to make you sweat, get a workout and take the dread out of traditional exercising.

“A lot of the time a Zumba class is to help make that work out a disguised process so you’re having fun having community and being able to get in that exercise your body so needs in a fun filled environment,” Mills told News 19.

Mills isn’t just certified in Zumba, she’s certified in Zumba gold, Zumba kids, Zumba Jr., Silver sneakers, and Zumba toning a fun a different way to hit the weights while dancing.

“Light weights while you dance along to a Zumba class so that I am also licensed in. So if you want a little bit more toning sculpting aspect to it, I do have that option,” Mills said.

Mills is not yet a certified personal trainer, but is in the process. When her students come to her for some advice on staying in shape while not in class, “Consistency I say that a lot, but I tell people staying consistence and coming to classes is where they’re going to see a change,” Mills said, along with adding daily walks, stretches and staying hydrated.

For many people a change of scenery or incentive make staying in shape much easier, if you can’t join Mills on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. at Optimist Park, you can join her all around the city at events or virtually.

No matter where or how you decide to join Mills, she says her being a part of your journey is what it’s all about.

“I just want to see smiles, I wanna see them having fun and wanting to come back for more whether it’s more choreography, more music, more of me and what I can bring to them which is joy, that’s what it’s about,” Mills said.

If you want to sweat it out with her, click here and if you want some cool Zumba gear for your session, click here and use code STEPH90.

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