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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Swinging from bars and running up walls is no longer just for kids, adults can join in on the nostalgic fun at the Ninja Obstacle Academy in Huntsville.

Whether you’re an experienced athlete getting back into the game, looking for a challenge or just want to do something new, this is the place for you!

Justin Moore, Athletic Director and Co Partner of the facility says the academy is for everyone because they’re broken it down to a science, “We’ve kind of engineered this process, where regardless your level of experience we’re going to teach you how to get in tune with your body,” Moore told News 19.

Once a gymnastics coach, Moore says that back ground helped him in the process of formulating the perfect anecdote to teach people of all skill levels, “Gymnastics coaches they take a big move and break it down into smaller pieces and then they have you practice those smaller pieces bit by bit and then combine it all together and we do the same thing here,” Moore said.

The gymnastics approach mixed with movement training, “It’s more of how to move yourself through an environment rather than the environment moving through you,” Moore said.

People from all ages train at the facility. Jackson, a 15 year-old student from Buckhorn and Jeffery, a 17 year-old who just graduated from Bob Jones are both nationally ranked and have competed and there is no signs of stopping and make it look so easy.

So as much as you may think you look a little peculiar, there is a method to the madness. Moore says its all neurological and being hyper in tune with your body to get through the movements. “You really have to think about the next movement your body is going to move through, to get too the next one,” Moore said.

Moore says there’s one main reason you should try the Ninja Obstacle Academy.

“Because it’s fun! You know, the traditional gym you’re kind of doing the same thing and it can get kind of repetitive, kind of boring and it’s not something that’s going to allow you to make it different and interesting every day.”

If you want to give it a try click here.

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