Throwing Punches And Gaining Confidence

Wellness Wednesday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Whether you want to train to be a professional boxer or you want a good workout or maybe even just some confidence the lessons that you learn inside of the ring transfer to life outside of the ring.

Allen Martin is a trainer at Rocket City Rocks Boxing Gym and he says “If you have never been in a confrontation before or if you have and you felt like you might have to fight this person, it is an unknown feeling but if you train here and you kind of put yourself in that position before it is not so unknown and not so weird and that’s a good thing because you never know when that might happen to you one day.”

This year has been full of many challenges– boxing may help you fight off some of the pent up frustration that has come along with it.

“There is a lot of benefits, stress relief is one of them a lot of people are stressed out these days,” says Martin.

According to Harvard Medicine, some other benefits include increased alertness, improved posture, boosted endurance, and more.

But Rocket City Rocks boxing isn’t just about throwing punches they are also focused on giving back.

“Ever since coach Larry had started this gym in ’05-’06 he has allowed kids to come here for free ages 7-17 and college students to come here for free. It’s helped a lot of people coming up,” says Martin.

Giving them opportunities they would have otherwise never had, but most importantly developing character.

“Hopefully at the end of the day it instills the roots of why we do what we do which is to respect obedience candor kindness and sincerity,” says Martin.

Ensuring that everyone leaves the gym feeling like a champion.

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