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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – School for many districts already started, and many of your kiddos may be more stressed out about the transition than an average year. 

Emily Brandt, Lead Clinical Therapist at Eason Counseling, said she usually sees a spike in appointments around the time in the year, but this year has been even busier than most.

“We have been so busy. Yes, and we’re so grateful that parents have been bringing their kiddos in for some therapy before they go back to school,” said Brandt. 

Brandt said there have been a number of additional stressors for 2021, the transition from distance learning to in-person learning being one of them.

“They have really enjoyed that at-home experience, it wasn’t for everyone but there were some kids who really benefited from it,” said Brandt. “But for a lot of them, it’s going to be an enormous adjustment. I think the name of the game has just been a constant adjustment.”

While watching your children stress is never fun, she wants to remind parents a healthy amount of stress can help your children grow. 

“Socialization is essential for helping our children develop good people skills; there are a lot of benefits from them being in a school setting for sure,” said Brandt

One exercise Brandt uses with the kids she sees is to list all the things that stress them out. Putting them in categories of stressors that are in their control and ones that aren’t. She finds this can help take the weight off their shoulders and an exercise that’s easily implemented at home.