Take yoga to the next level with Aerial yoga

Wellness Wednesday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Yoga has become popular throughout the years and as its popularity grows, so do its variations.

Light On Yoga Fitness in Huntsville is offering yoga enthusiasts and kids at heart a way to relax, but in a fun way.

Connor Humphrey, co-owner of the studio says you don’t even have to have any yoga experience to do it.

“Aerial yoga is a low impact workout, good for cardiovascular health and like yoga on the mat, it targets that parasynthetic nervous system,” said Humphrey. “We really start from the beginning and learn the basics, so you feel comfortable and safe and then we get stretchy and have some fun.”

Humphrey says before anyone gets started, the most important thing in class is listening.

“That’s like the basics. As long as they listen to the teacher and we demonstrate and then we walk around and help. Sometimes we call them cowboys. They’ll just start doing it when we tell them and it never really works out too well. So as long as they listen and wait around for us till we’re ready, they’re good.”

Aerial yoga may look hard, but Humphrey says it’s actually less stress on the body than traditional yoga and if you’re scared that you’ll fall, teachers are always there for a spot. The satin-nylon can hold up to 1000 pounds.

“Your weight is suspended in the silk, so it’s less tension on the joints in particular poses compared to on the ground, you don’t have that resistance,” explained Humphrey.

Classes are an hour long and Humphrey says by the time you’re done you’ve earned your nap in the silks.

“Well, you earn it, after an hour class, with the strength and the stretching you’re definitely needing a rest because you are engaging muscles you necessarily know you’re using when you’re working on it.”

Humphrey says for some people this is a fear but once they overcome it becomes an accomplishment.

“Going upside down, being suspended in the air, kind of like trapezes, but they leave feeling strong accomplished and they can take on their next goal.”

The studio offers more than just aerial yoga, they have all kinds of yoga classes and kids ones too!

The studio even offers yoga for recovery every Friday that helps those going through addiction recovery

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