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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – They say the goal is to be better than you were yesterday, whether it’s mindful eating, being more active or even reading a book. But, sometimes breaking a habit can be hard. Every year, people make the vow to live a healthier lifestyle, and whether that means eating better or being more active, but staying motivated can be tough.

Julia Curtis, a personal trainer at RockBox Fitness in Huntsville says it’s small, daily changes and sticking to the three M’s.

“The main thing is finding your ‘why’. I call it the three M’s: the first one would be meaningful and that’s your why. Do you want to go to the beach and be confident on the beach, do you want to have energy to play with your kids…you need to find your ‘why’,” Curtis said.

Those three M’s she says are:

  • Meaningful – “Your ‘why’.”
  • Manageable – “Maybe don’t start out with five days a week…start out with three.”
  • Measurable – “Write it down so you can be excited of the goals you’ve already achieved and push you farther to get to your main goal,” Curtis said.

Most of all, something that gives you gratification, she said even if it’s progress pictures weekly or a monthly weigh-in seeing what you have achieved and can achieve will continue to keep you more motivated and committed to your end goal, even if you don’t think so.

“Enjoying the workouts, having fun with it. Here at RockBox Fitness we’re all about community and fun and it makes you want to come back the next day,” she says that’s why people at the gym continue to hit major milestones daily.

Those major milestones and genuine happiness from clients are why Curtis says she became a trainer in the first place.

“I love seeing people succeed,” in Wednesday’s 9 a.m. class one of her clients hit a major accomplishment, “She hit her 100 mark, this is her 100 hit day. You can see her social media where she’s getting more confident, posting more pictures and just feeling confident about herself, being comfortable with herself, that’s why I do it.”

Curtis says she got into fitness because she remembers walking into a gym and feeling insecure and intimidated, “I never wanted anyone to feel like I did walking into a gym,” and while many people may say that it’s a vain goal to look better physically, Curtis says it’s not just about one’s appearance, but their internal happiness.

“Being healthy from the inside and out and when you look in the mirror and you’re excited about what you’ve achieved, even if it’s inside, you know you want to be happy with yourself, confidence.”

Community is vital when it comes to being successful in your journey, those who support your goals and are constantly keeping you accountable, “We’re not just a gym you come into and leave, we all stay connected, we know one another, if I haven’t seen someone I’ll text them and be like, ‘hey, where have you been,” she says that genuine care and those bonded relationships are what keep people coming back to Rock Box

As Curtis watches people change daily, she’s constantly reminded that she got into this profession to help people, “Whether they want to look good on the beach or be able to run around with their kids or grandkids, they achieve those goals,” she says in those genuine moments where a carefree laugh or smile is present, “I can at least say I helped them achieve that and that’s all I need.”