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MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. – We’ve all heard it before, especially on social media, sticking to something for only a certain amount of time will get you to your fitness goal but that isn’t always the case.

Rush Hour Fitness Center in Meridianville will help you achieve your goal, in time. Owner, Emily Morgan, who is also a personal trainer and nutrition coach says setting realistic goals is the key to long-term success.

“I feel like I got it down to what works and I wanted to teach other people that it’s not as hard as it seems. It doesn’t have to be so extreme,” Morgan told News 19.

Morgan says no matter the fitness level, your body transformation takes time and setting realistic goals while being patient is how one achieves and stays successful.

Teaching from her own experiences is how Morgan connects with her clients and those at the gym, “I grew up a runner and then started to get into strength training, it took me about five years to put on muscle, so when I tell my clients my journey, they realize, ‘ok, well I won’t grow muscle by tomorrow,'” Morgan said.

Morgan says sometimes the hardest part of anyone’s fitness journey is just starting, lacing up those tennis shoes and getting into the gym. But, she says with the environment here at Rush Hour Fitness, it’s easy, “We all go around and have conversations, we’re friends, we’re family.”

Everyone needs to start somewhere and one of the biggest blocks she sees from new gym-goers is that they feel everyone is watching and judging them.

“No ones watching you, everyone here is in their own little world, if anything they respect that you’re in here with them, putting in the work,” Morgan said.

But getting started doesn’t just mean the gym, “You can’t start coming to the gym and not change how you eat, that’s why I sit down with new clients for about an hour and I really get to know them, they’re emotional eating habits, their vices and I even ask what they think the ‘good and bad foods’ are,” Morgan said.

Morgan says so many times she hears, ‘I don’t know where to start,’ adding that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, she says it not only shows determination but it’s a sign of strength.

“Seek a personal trainer or even some advice. That’s what I’m here for, I’m always answering questions and helping anyone really,” Morgan said.

She’s not the only one, Morgan has two other personal trainers in the facility that can help you reach any of your fitness goals. Click here to find out more about the facility and how you can contact their trainers.

Morgan says it’s watching people reach heights they never thought possible that makes it all worth it.

“Earlier we had a lady and she, there was a machine that she was not able to fit on when she started coming to the gym and she’s lost so much weight that she can use that machine now. So I find that really powerful and just a great example of getting in here and hitting your goals even if it takes more time than you want,” Morgan said.