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MADISON, Ala. – Dripping sweat and sore muscles often indicate a good workout. What if you could recover from your workout by relaxing and laying down, burning up to 600 calories and detoxing your body?

It’s not the latest fad or trend, but a new way to heal from within.

I Just Wanna Sweat in Madison is the newest Sauna and Light Therapy Spa that is sure to change the way you sweat. Myla Humphrey Co-Owner and ICU nurse says they want to address the Immune Compromised issue in society.

After working through the first wave of the pandemic, Humphrey became passionate about the benefits of infrared and the benefits it has on the immune system. So, she thought, there is no time like the present.

“The infrared sauna penetrates through the skin, it then begins to draw out toxins and you sweat it out,” Humphrey told News 19.

Each client walks in to their own personal Infrared Sauna pod. Humphrey says this isn’t like a traditional sauna that heats you up on the outside, she says this does the exact opposite. The science behind it, is what makes the pod stand out.

“Therefore you get that deep detoxification into your cells more so than if you were to just be be hot on the outside,” Humphrey said.

Humphrey says the detoxification process detoxifies you on a cellular level but that isn’t the only benefit. She also said some research shows it can aid stress reduction, lower blood pressure and even aid in weight loss.

“You are in the infrared sauna, your heart rate is raised and you’re burning calories just like if you were on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes. So we recommend that you sit in the sauna for 30 to 45 min you can burn up to 600 calories.”

But, like many health goals, Humphrey says this isn’t the end all be all, she says this is a supplement to an already healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy and exercise.

“You’re working out and lifting weights, you can come to the sauna pod and you can recoup from that stress that was put on your body and also enhance muscle recovery. So whereas you sometimes need to stay away from leg day for three days the sauna pod can help you stay away from leg day for maybe two days,” Humphrey said.

I Just Wanna Sweat has one main goal, to boost your immune system through sweat that will have you glowing.

“It stimulates something call autophagy, it sends basically war heroes of your body, to go in search of cells it no longer needs, and basically dispose of them. So autophagy gets rid of all the bad cells and then boosts up the good cells in your body,” Humphrey said.

Each session last about the length of a work out and it’s recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes or a bathing suit. Also, hydration is key, so lots of water before and after you go is important.

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