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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – RockBox Fitness is one of the newest Kick Boxing gyms in Huntsville, but it’s anything but average. General Manager, Ariana Hudson says the gym is a community.

“RockBox at its core there are three pillars that we really focus on here for everyone is fitness, nutrition and accountability,” Hudson said, adding that getting to know her members on a personal level is what truly makes the gym different.

Each 50-minute class is infused with kickboxing and functional training, “It’s every day moves like sitting down, but adding weights,” Hudson says with the classes being so fun and exciting you won’t realize that you could burn up to 1,000 calories in one class.

Hudson says what sets them apart is the approach, “The way that we approach it is if you’ve come in for your first free class, you get 20 minutes alone with the trainer to go over those boxing basics so you can feel comfortable in that,” Hudson said.

Functional training is what really sets RockBox apart from your typical gym that offers a once-a-week kickboxing class. The science behind Martial Arts mixed with functional weight training not only promotes fat loss, but it keeps your body continuously working, even when you’re home on the couch.

“Let’s boost that metabolism and let’s make sure with these weights, when we go home we can be sitting on the couch and we’re still keeping that metabolism high,” Hudson said.

The workout may sound intense because it is. But, Hudson says with the atmosphere being so fun and energetic you’ll want to keep coming back for more. The gym members have even nick-named themselves, “The Fight Club in a Nightclub.”

“All of these lights color change, there are no mirrors in here either, so it gets kind of that dark feel and we have really loud fun music. So you really don’t feel like you’re working out because you’re so in the zone with what’s going on,” Hudson said.

“We can’t guarantee that you’ll be a thousand times better, but you will be better than when you arrived,” Hudson said.

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