How Hot Yoga can benefit your health

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Hot Yoga has been a trend for the last decade. Not only is Yoga beneficial for your flexibility, body strength and your mind, but when you add heat, it adds the element of detoxification.

Kim Edmunds, Studio Manager at Hot Yoga Huntsville says Hot Yoga isn’t just one style, there’s different types like Vinyasa. The body and mind benefit extremely from the joint combination.

“It also helps your mind because a good yoga teacher is going to teach you to breathe. You breathe with movement, you breathe while you’re holding the pose, you try to keep your mind right there on the mat with you.”

Once you have cleared up your mind and are focused on your breathing, it’s time to add the element of heat, “You begin to detoxify the body, but you also can move a little sooner, a little deeper, for most of us a little better.”

Once your body has warmed up, Edmunds says it’s like salt water taffy, “You begin to detoxify the body, but you also can move a little sooner, a little deeper, for most of us a little better.” You sweat all harmful toxins through your pores.

So what if you’re new to yoga or hot yoga, how should you prepare? Edmunds says start drinking water the day before, hydration is extremely important.

“Well to start with, you need to drink water, the day before, yes bringing water with you is important, drinking water during the practice is important, but you need to be hydrated.”

Some beginner tips for starters, be ready to start slow, your body needs to adapt and get used to the new movements it will be going through. Wear form fitting clothes, loose clothes can become heave and distract you from what you’re going to take part in.

“Nobody is going to be looking at your body and if you go into a hot yoga class wearing a big cotton t shirt, you’re going to sweat on it, it’s going to get bigger and heavier, we’re going to ask you to go into downward dog and it’s going to fall over your head and that’s not a pleasant experience, plus you can’t tell what’s going on.”

The Hot Yoga community is inviting and welcoming, so if you think you may want to try it click here and you can try, 30 days for $30 unlimited.

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