How ballroom dancing benefits mind, body, and soul

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Since the 16th century, people have been ballroom dancing but, it wasn’t until the 19th and 20th century that it became popular. While you might think, ‘This isn’t for me,’ ballroom dancing has many benefits. From happiness to body toning, it’s for everyone.

Huntsville Ballroom is one of only a few studios in the area, owners and instructors Victoria and Aaron Greer have had the location at Campus 805 on Clinton Avenue for close to three years.

Like many establishments that were a group setting, Huntsville Ballroom was shut down for some time during the pandemic. But Victoria says once things started to open back up, students were so happy to be back.

“Our brains are wired to be around people and physical touch,” Victoria said, “So once students got back in here, they may have forgotten something but it came back to them, just like riding a bike. So why not come and be social while burning calories?”

Ballroom dancing has many benefits, from heightened self-esteem, mental sharpness, and even body toning.

“But I have no rhythm” or “I’ve got two left feet,” well, toss that excuse out the door, because just as easy as you walk, Victoria says you’re already dancing, “Walking in these doors you already know two or three dances, just by walking in. So I just tell you how that works and it’s a lot easier than people think.”

Greer’s husband, Aaron who’s also her partner in competition says whether you’re nine or 90 any one can ballroom dance, “Get the common misconception that it’s only for the older generation, we have kids as young as four in here learning how to dance,” Aaron told News 19.

As your muscle memory and you’re starting to dance with confidence, you’re not only exercising your body, but your mind.

“You have to think about so many things at once. You’re thinking of how to place your feet, you’re thinking about the music and placing your feet at the right time with the music. All of that just gives a better perception and awareness of your body and space.” Aaron said.

Dancing goes beyond the physical state, Victoria says, “People are just all around happier. Happy that they were able to learn something new and accomplish it,” and once you’ve gained that confidence, she says there’s no stopping,” You see their self-esteem sky rocket and they genuinely love dancing whether they just want to socialize or compete.”

So, what if you want to compete, “There are some similarities in social and competition dancing,” Aaron said, “Of course we want to work on the fundamentals, but we’re stricter on hold and presentation when it comes to competition, I mean competing is fun, a lot of fun,” Aaron knows not everyone will be competing.

So let’s start dancing! You’ve made it this far, so that means you want to know what Huntsville Ballroom has to offer.

“We have Line dancing, West Coast Swing parties, Salsa parties, everyone thinks Ballroom is just strictly Waltz or Tango. There’s a lot of other options in there,” Victoria said and there’s so much more than that.

The couple says the best way to get started is taking a group class with a new kids class, a exercise through dance class called “Latin drills” and tons of parties, sounds expensive, but it’s not.

For as little as $15 dollars you can get started on your dance journey, just click here.

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